Business Data Services – Enterprise Solutions

Does your business demand a superior level of reliability, security and bandwidth? NEIT offers customized solutions to meet the needs of your business’ data communications systems.

Ethernet Transport Services
Do you need a dedicated, secure circuit from your location to a specific end point? NEIT, in conjunction with its network of affiliates, can offer a circuit to areas well outside of the immediate serving territory. Depending on the capabilities on each end of the circuit, bandwidth may be available up to 1 Gbps. If you have multiple locations that you’d like to connect on one network, NEIT can assist with all of those locations, whether or not they are inside the local NEIT serving territory.

A Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network can replace your current voice and data infrastructure, resulting in less time needed to manage your network and improved performance.
MPLS delivers the ability to prioritize the traffic on your converged communications network. If voice, video and data are all running across one network, MPLS enables businesses to direct the special needs for delivery of each communications type on the network. Other communications follow based on prescribed directions you establish.

Regardless of your location(s), contact us today to begin an evaluation of your network.

VLAN/VPN Connections
NEIT has years of experience setting up Virtual Local Area Networks and Virtual Private Networks over existing connections. NEIT staff can find a reliable, efficient solution to your needs and help with every step of implementation along the way. NEIT has a bank of IP addresses available for use as dedicated static IP addressing as well.

Traditional Dedicated Switched Data Transport
If a traditional T-1 or 56k dedicated circuit is what is required for your business systems, NEIT has offered such circuits for many years and can assist with the process from start to finish.