Residential Internet, Digital Television, and Telephone Service

NEIT delivers fast, fiber-powered internet to the Iowa community of Postville. Additionally, we offer voice and digital television service to ensure our customers have affordable and reliable communication options.

Our service is backed by the friendly, local support you deserve.

Fiber Internet

NEIT delivers the fast internet your family needs using our state-of-the-art fiber network. With speeds up to 1G, we have plans for every need and budget…including for working from home.

Services not available at all locations
Looking for service in Monona, Farmersburg, Luana, or St. Olaf? Follow this link for more information.

Not sure how much speed you need?
Use our internet speed calculator to find the plan that right for your family.

Managed WiFi

The Ultimate Internet Experience

There is a nonrefundable installation fee of $50.00 which includes verification of service availability and professional installation of any applicable equipment.* The installation fee will be waived if customer agrees to a one year service contract.
Account Features
With every Broadband account you will receive:
    • Free 24/7 technical support
    • Five free e-mail boxes
    • Unlimited Monthly Access
    • Professional Installation
* Router, if required at your location, is not included with the installation fee and must be purchased separately from NEIT.

Freedom Plans

Freedom Plans do not require a telephone line and include Managed WiFi for the ultimate internet experience.

Standard Plans


NEIT’s service bundles combine our great services with SAVINGS. Services not available at all locations. Services not available at all locations.

Looking for service in Monona, Farmersburg, Luana, or St. Olaf? Follow this link for more information.

Bundle Details
Prices do not include taxes or regulatory fees and surcharges. High-Speed Internet requires a one year contract and modem purchase. Television includes one (1) set top box; additional boxes $4.95 each per month. Television services not available in all areas. Installation and activation fees may apply. Available to residential customers in Monona, Farmersburg, Luana and St. Olaf.

Digital Television

Premium Movie Channels

Channel groups from the following networks are available for purchase from NEIT.

    • HBO
    • Cinemax
    • Showtime
    • Starz!Encore

Pricing is monthly and based on the number of network groups to which you subscribe.

    • One group – $16.00
    • Two groups – $15.50 per network group
    • Three groups – $15.00 per network group
  • Four groups – $14.50 per network group
Digital TV - Features and Benefits
    • 100 Standard-Definition Channels
    • 50 High-Definition Channels
    • 50 Music Channels
    • 37 Premium Movie Channels
    • Available in rural 539, 536 and 783 telephone exchanges.
    • More reliable than satellite TV.
    • Full 1080p High-Definition.**
    • All local multicast channels are included.
    • DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
    • Whole-Home DVR allows recorded programs to be viewed in any room.
    • On-screen Caller-ID (Caller ID subscription required)
    • Interactive program guide.
  • Easy to use parental controls/blocking.

* Not available to all rural customers; a site evaluation is required.

** Compatible television set required.

Equipment Options and Charges
    • High-Definition– Equipment Maintenance Fee – Activates all HD on all sets – $4.95/month
    • Additional Set-top boxes – $4.95/month (each)
    • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – $4.95/month)
    • Whole-Home DVR Digital Video Recorder required – $4.95/month
    • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – $4.95/month)
  • On-screen Caller ID Caller ID subscription required on Telephone Account – Free

One-Time Installation Fee – $99.00

Includes installation of up to three TV sets. Time and material charges apply beyond three sets or for installation of additional sets after the initial installation.


NEIT has provided voice communications in Northeast Iowa for over a century. With reliable service, unmatched customer support, and affordable rates, home telephone service from NEIT is a smart choice.

Calling Features

Call Waiting

This service lets you know if someone is trying to call you while you’re using the phone.

Call Waiting ID

This service shows the name and number on your Caller ID display when a third party is trying to call you while you’re using the phone (you must have Call Waiting in order to get Call Waiting ID).

Call Forwarding

Use this service to transfer (forward) your incoming calls to another number.

Three-way Calling

Add a third person to your conversation, local or long distance, with this service.

Speed Calling

With this service you can dial one or two digits and local or long distance calls will be dialed automatically.

Call Forward Busy

With this service your incoming calls can be forwarded to a number of your choice if you are on the phone.

Voice Mail

Voice mail works just like an answering machine without having a physical machine in your home. Voice mail will answer callers with your personal greeting when you are on the phone or away. Retrieve messages 24 hours a day, from any touch-tone phone or online, anywhere.

Caller ID

When you receive a call the name, number, time and date are displayed on your Caller ID display. These will display even if you aren’t there to answer the phone. You will need to purchase a Caller ID box or phone.


This allows you to dial *69 and hear the number of the last incoming call. You will also be able to dial the number back if you choose by listening to the prompted message.

*900 Block

900 blocking is available at no charge. This will block anyone trying to dial a 900 number from your phone. If you do not have this block you will be responsible for any 900 calls made from your phone.

Lifeline/Low Income Information

How much can qualifying customers save on their phone bill?
Lifeline customers will save up to $9.25 on their basic monthly service bill.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Program

Are there any restrictions?
Participants may only receive low-income assistance from one wireline or wireless telephone provider per household. The name on the bill must match the name of the participant in the eligible program. Lifeline customers may purchase all services offered to non-Lifeline customers.

Will my benefits ever be discontinued?
Benefits will be discontinued when you no longer meet eligibility requirements or when proof of eligibility is not received.
Being a Lifeline customer does not protect from disconnection if participant fails to pay his or her telephone bill.

Apply for Lifeline
1. Complete the certification form on
2. When you receive eligibility verification, return it to NEIT business office within 7 business days. Verification forms are mailed to randomly selected subscribers every year. NEIT may suspend your eligibility for low-income assistance if you do not return the form.

Telephone Terms, Conditions, and Policies


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