Residential Computer Services

Let NEIT take care of your frustrations with your home computer or network. Whether it is a laptop, PC, tablet, mobile device, or other Internet connected device, contact NEIT to discuss the systems and network in your home. NEIT technicians are Microsoft A+ certified and are continually trained to troubleshoot the latest hardware and operating systems.

Common services NEIT provides to residential customers:
• New PC and Peripheral Device Sales
• PC setup and software installation
• Anti-Virus and Internet Security Solutions
• Wireless and Wired Home Networking
• Data Backup and Recovery
• PC Repair and Troubleshooting
• Internet-connected device setup (TVs, streaming video devices, game consoles, etc.)

NEIT can provide support on-site or in our office depending on your needs. Call today to discuss your situation with a NEIT technician.